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Does        $300.00

Bucks       $250.00 

Wethers    $100.00

Please read Our Sale Policy

****New Policy****

We will no longer be wethering at the farm - Our opinion is the longer you wait to wether these little guys the better chance of not developing urinary coli. Which can be fatal. We let our babies go at 8-9 weeks old and believe wethering should be done after 12 weeks. Also by that time you should have developed a relationship with a livestock vet. If you cannot find one we will help with that.

We have Babies!!!!!!

Please call for information

207 938-3880 


We require a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 per goat and



Or you can mail deposit to

Village Haven Farm

24 Cemetery Rd

Saint Albans, Maine 04971






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